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Did the introduction get your attention and orient you to the subject of the message?
What was the central theme or takeaway truth of the message? What is stated clearly and succinctly? Repeated? Was it tweetable?
Was the sermon biblical? Was the central theme scriptural or was it forced? Were the scriptures the foundation of the message?
Length: Appropriate, too short, or too long? Was there any unnecessary content that could have been eliminated?
Content: were there sufficient stories/ illustrations/ object lessons to help you better understand the major points of the message? Did they fit the central theme?
Relevance: Was the topic relevant to you? Did the communicator find common ground with the audience? Did it 'hit home'? Did it speak to an issue people are facing?
Authenticity: Did the communicator seem authentic? Were they themselves or take on a persona when on stage?
Preparation: Did the communicator seem familiar with their material? Did they rely too much on their notes? Awkward pauses? Or did it come naturally?
Grammar: Was the speaker's vocabulary and grammar appropriate? Was it helpful or distracting?
Body language: Did the communicator use their body as a communication tool? Did their physical movements add to or take away from the message? Stiff, hands in pockets, fidgeting, drifting eyes...?
Did the speaker seem to preach with the end in mind?