Our Story

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Epic Church began in Pastor Chris and Lori Lockemy's home in June of 2005. The couple had long dreamt of planting a fellowship with just one simple goal: to help people connect with God so that they could obtain their full potential. With the help of the original "Dream Team", 12 friends committed to seeing this vision become a reality. Fitting guests wherever they could find room (kitchen, living room, den etc), the gathering swelled to 55+ before other provisions became necessary.

From the very beginning, Epic has focused on reaching out to the non-churched community by building relationships. The life-giving message of the Gospel coupled with the passion and joy of Sunday gatherings brought along fervent growth for the church. Finally on September 25th, just four months after first opening their doors, Epic launched publicly in the Courtyard Marriott at Harbor East. 99 people were in attendance for that first service.

Today several hundred people worship every Sunday morning at 10am in the Best Western Hotel & Conference Center. Commonly referred to as the Church For the Rest of Us, Epic emphasizes acceptance of visitors "just as they are." We strive to love one another in the way that Christ first loved us, and welcome any and all into our presence who simply have the desire to grow closer to the Lord.

Since its inception, God has allowed Epic to bless other local ministries, help to seed new churches, provide for orphanages abroad, and contribute to various missions both at home and overseas. For Epic Church tells a story of perfection; one that includes brokenness and loss, redemption and restoration, but will one day end with a "happily ever-after." A truly Epic tale of humanity's walk with God centered around the life of Jesus Christ, the greatest man to ever walk the earth.