Launch Date:

Sunday, May 5 - July 28

4:30-6:30pm, 12 Weeks

Epic Church Offices (1105 North Point Blvd. Suite 321 21224)

$50 per person

Register below by April 28th


“We have come to learn that everything rises and falls on leadership. Battles are won and lost under effective or ineffective leaders. And we believe God has called you to grow in your leadership for such a time as this. You won’t regret making this investment into the growth of your leadership.”

-Pastors Chris and Lori

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Q: What is it? 

A:  252 Leader is an in-depth leadership development experience that we’ve designed to be biblical, practical and transformational. 

Q: Why are we doing this?  

A: We believe ministry is done best when it involves “all of us” not just “some of 
Our church is growing rapidly. In order to keep moving forward, at the pace God’s favor is blessing us, we need to train more leaders. Our Team is full of leaders ready to be developed and empowered to serve at new levels of influence in our church family. We want to intentionally make Jesus’ last command (developing disciples) our first priority!    

Q: Why the name 252? 

A:  Our foundational verse is Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.” If even Jesus had to continually grow in these four areas (mentally, physically, relationally and spiritually) we figure this is a great growth plan for us to build upon! 

Q: Who’s coming?  

A: Our team has hand-picked and personally invited a select group of leaders and potential leaders from our Teams ranging in all ages.  

Q:  What will our time together look like? 

A:  We’ll have a time of: worship, teaching, small group discussion, prayer-partner encouragement, as well as connection time. 

Q:  What topics will I learn? 

  • How to raise the "lid" of your leadership.

  • God's leadership development process in every season of our lives. 

  • How to gain clarity in your calling.  

  • How to apprentice new leaders and raise up disciples. 

  • How to grow an effective and unified team. 

  • How to create a culture of honor on your team and in every setting you are in.   

  • How create and manage margin in your life and leadership. 

  • How to recognize blindspots in your own leadership.

  • How to be both an encourager and a confronter in your leadership. 

  • How to create honoring hospitality on your team. 

  • And much more!

Q:  Where & when will we meet? 
Epic Church Offices (1105 North Point Blvd. Suite 321 21224)

Q:  How many weeks is this experience?

A: 12-weeks, May 5 - July 28. (252 will not meet on Sunday, May 26) 

Q:  Can I still lead a group this semester?

A:  We hope that you will! We recognize that some of our small group leaders will have to choose between leading a group and attending 252. That is an investment we are willing to make. With the small group component of 252 we know each of our leaders will be in a group setting just by attending. We also want to make sure that we have enough open community groups for people who have not received an invitation to 252 to be able to attend this Spring Semester. For those who are able and willing to be a part of both a community group and 252 for this special semester we would really love that. It’s a big commitment, but we believe the personal and corporate payoff will be worth it!

Q:   What will I do with this training & development?  

A:  Our hope and desire is to see you serve and lead at new levels of influence and effectiveness in your home, job and on our Team. The material we will cover will be applicable is so many areas of your life!  

Q:  Can I invite someone to join me? 

A:  We have limited space but would still like to make this a possibility. If you have someone you would like to invite into this experience with you, simply email bill.loften3@gmail.com and our team will help with all the details. 

Q:  How do I register? 

1.   You can use the form above to sign up and let us know if you have any childcare needs.

Q:  When is the registration deadline?

A:  With our kick-off being Sunday, May 5, we’ll need to hear from you by Sunday, April 28 so that we can order all of the supplies needed to serve you best.