For The One


“Thirteen years ago, Lori and I sat in our living room with some friends and family excited about starting a new church on the South East side of Baltimore City. We didn’t have a name, location, equipment, only a vision of what God could do in our city! Thirteen years later, we can truly say God has done more than we could have dreamed or imagined! God is now bringing us into a season of opportunity where He is challenging us to take a greater step of faith than we have ever taken before. 

For the next two years we are entering a season of our church we are calling, “For The One.” This is a God-sized vision that will define Epic for the next decade and beyond.

One of Jesus’ most telling and famous parables is of a prodigal son who strays from the family and finds himself as far as humanly possible from the love and embrace of his Father and home. When the son comes to his senses he heads home and finds a compassionate, forgiving, father that has been passionately looking for his son’s return. 


At its roots, the FOR THE ONE campaign is not about money, buildings, or growth.  These are for a bigger reason: reaching the ONE.It’s a campaign to look, fight, pray, work, for the one. The one far from God. The one that feels unworthy of God. The one that doesn’t yet know they need God. 

In order to continue our mission of being a Church for the Rest of Us, so that all can come to life in Christ, we need a bigger space to accommodate them. 

Our financial goal is to raise 1 Million Dollars over the years of 2019 and 2020 to grow into a permanent space big enough to reach our city for Christ!

What I’m asking is simple but not easy. Will you align your life with the mission of Jesus to go after the lost ones of our generation? Will you move beyond life as usual and make investments in things that will have eternal impact. The vision we believe God has for Epic Church is a powerful one, and I invite you to go on this journey with us as we get to be part of what God is doing in Baltimore and around the world. 

Thank you for being part of what God is doing here, and I pray you will join us as we take the next step to go after the one!”

With Love, 

Pastors Chris & Lori