• Epic Church - Theatre (map)
  • 5625 O' Donnell Street
  • Baltimore, MD, 21224
  • United States

You guessed it, folks, Epic is headed to the Holy Land! Following Pastor Chris and Lori's remarkable visit just a few short months ago, the seed was planted to return with a larger group of Epic peeps for a nearly two-week journey covering some of the most sought after sights in the Christian faith. Have you ever wanted to walk in Jesus' footsteps? Well this is your opportunity! And even better yet, you'll get to experience it alongside those you love the very most.

Please click the link here to attend this third and final informational session where you can have all your questions answered while learning about the amazing places the trip will tour through. Keep in mind that a total of only 40 slots will be made available, so please be sure to sign up if you're even remotely interested. Because make no mistake about it, this is going to be one incredible adventure!